Why do I have to acknowledge my goals every day? What if I only want to do something on weekdays? Or if I only want to exercise every other day?

We thought it was important to always consider your goals, even on days off. So, using the exercise example, if you're on a rest day, just acknowledge that goal as successful even though you aren't actually going to the gym that day. The rest day is still part of your plan to meet your goal.

What if my charity isn't listed?

Just tap Search for a different charity in Safari and find the donation page for your charity. Or you can complete your donation on your computer, and tap I've completed my donation in Damocles when you've done it.

Why is it called Damocles?

Damocles was a Greek figure who thought it would be cool to be king, until the king rigged up the throne to have a huge sword hanging above it, dangling from a single hair from a horse's tail. So it's one of the earliest known Spider-man references, "with great power comes great responsibility." These days it's used more generally to refer to any precarious situation. Hence, "Damocles: Goals with Consequences."