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Stand Up! is our fun, flexible work break timer. By now you know that sitting down is slowly killing you, and we want to help you live longer. It's as simple as standing up! It's also great for RSI sufferers, or anyone that needs to take regular breaks. Stand Up! was featured by Apple in the Health & Fitness category, and is rated five stars by users. Features include:

We don't micromanage you, and we don't make you feel guilty. There's no compulsive tracking and time management, and we don't tell you what exercises you need to do. Just regular, simple reminders to get up, with easy confirmations so you can get a sense of how you're doing.

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User Reviews

Excellent app ★★★★★
Great whether working at desk all day, or, like me, recovering from injury that keeps me on my tush most of time! Cute, sweet motivation to just get up what days/what time and intervals/how often u set it for!! Beats other similar apps hands down!

I love it ★★★★★
Great App. Even when I'm feeling lazy and I don't want to stand I do. I also use it as a reminder to drink water every time I stand up.

Great UI and a very useful app! ★★★★★
Love this app. Reminds me to stand up! Location based! Works perfectly with my Varidesk as a reminder to stand up and switch positions throughout the day. Love the UI… unique without sucking! Love it!

... plus many more!

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Please email us at for all your Stand Up! related inquiries and feedback. Additionally:


We used several tools in the making of Stand Up!

Thanks very much to our beta testers, Andrew J. Clark and Whitaker Trebella! They make great stuff, definitely check out their work.

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